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Dekoracyjna Łosicka 27% Blend UHT 5L

Dekoracyjna Łosicka 27% Blend UHT is the vegetable cream product. It is an ideal alternative to traditional high-fat cream, used primarily in the HoReCa industry, i.e. in confectionery for whipping, decorating cakes, desserts, in the ice cream industry and catering. It is characterized by a high increase in volume during whipping, stability of the mass (foam) and retains its properties for a long time for this type of products after preparation. It is ideal as a stabilizing and sweetening component at the same time for Kremówka Łosicka or creamers during whipping and for finishing cakes for decorating.

Product information

Unit packaging: 5 liters (Bag in Box)
Barcode (EAN) of unit packaging: 5903337007849
Quantity of unit packaging on a pallet: 132 cartons
Number of unit packs per layer: 33 cartons
Number of layers on the pallet: 4 layers
CN code: 21069098

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