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Łosickie butter for children extra 82% 200g

Łosickie butter for children extra with vitamin "D" 200g is the only butter available on the market with a content of 82% healthy milk fat enriched with vitamin "D".
This butter does not contain dyes, salt additives and, most importantly, it has four times the content of vitamin "D" compared to traditional extra butter.

A very healthful for our youngest consumers and not only ;) . Łosickie butter for children enriched with vitamin "D" helps maintain healthy bones 100g of the product contains 5μg of vitamin "D", which is 100% of the daily reference intake value. Beneficial effects occur with the consumption of 0.75μg (15%) of vitamin "D" daily as part of a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet. 1 serving of butter (10g) provides 10% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin "D". The package represents 20 suggested servings.

Product information

Unit packaging: 200g
Barcode (EAN) of unit packaging: 5903337007375
Barcode (EAN) of bulk packaging: 5903337007382
Collective package (carton): 30 pieces
Quantity of unit packaging on a pallet: 3,000 pieces
Number of master packs per layer: 10 cartons
Number of layers on the pallet: 10 layers
Number of master packs per pallet: 100 cartons
CN code: 04051011

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