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Mixsełko Fat Mix 82% 200g

Mixsełko Miks tłuszczowy smarowny 82% 200g is a fat mix of vegetable (72%) and milk (10%) fats. This mix is characterized by very good spreadability. Through a perfectly perfected production recipe and the addition of milk fat (10%), this mix is one of the few on the market with such a total fat content (82%). The mix also has a lower cholesterol content. It has a wide range of applications in the kitchen and, above all, it spreads easily on sandwiches. The product is recommended for spreading on bread and any baked goods.

sliced cheese on clear glass plate
sliced cheese on clear glass plate

Product information

Unit packaging: 200g
Barcode (EAN) of unit packaging: 5903337004060
Barcode (EAN) of bulk packaging: 5903337004145
Collective package (carton): 50 pieces
Quantity of unit packaging on a pallet: 3,000 pieces
Number of master packs per layer: 10 cartons
Number of layers on the pallet: 6 layers
Number of master packs per pallet: 60
Code CN: 15179010

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